The challenges of VoIP deployment directly affect enterprises and service providers. Enterprises need an access solution that delivers great call quality, fits seamlessly into the existing data and voice environment and ensures rock-solid service reliability.

The VoIP solution must integrate with the Business Strategy to optimise corporate governance.

Service providers need a solution that will fit seamlessly into their Clients diverse environments, provide non-stop service, and meet their requirements for remote manageability and ease of installation.

Quintum has a solution that’s a perfect fit for both these applications — Tenor VoIP MultiPath Switches and Gateways.

This VoIP access solution support all types of analog and digital communications environments and delivers unmatched survivability even when the IP network fails. It also renders the intuitive device and call management tools that technical staff requires to ensure ongoing VoIP success. It integrates with the Clients existing voice and data infrastructure and supports any type of dial plan, analog fax machines, conventional paging systems and general types of office infrastructure.

The Quintum Tenor: The Quintum Tenor switches and gateways gives small businesses, SOHO’s and branch offices with analog voice infrastructures an easy, cost-effective way to capitalize on the power of VoIP. The Quintum Tenor is used around the world in a wide variety of applications including Inter-office trunking, IP-PBX legacy integration, Service Provider VoIP trunking, Call Centres, Calling Card services, VoIP Termination and Call Shops.

Quintum Survivable Tenor: The Quintum Survivable Tenor offer a complete survivable branch office solution providing support for integrating analog endpoints and the PSTN, while offering back-up call processing support for all SIP and analog calls. This product has been specifically designed to offer a superior enterprise solution for IP-PBX branch offices, Hosted IP-PBX services Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) and IP Centrex CPE.

The Survivable Tenor is the only device (outside of the user VoIP endpoints) needed in the branch office to support all legacy equipment, PSTN connectivity and renders survivability of all IP endpoints. The unit renders unique PSTN failover capabilities and features built-in SIP proxy technology to enable remote offices to continue to operate even if the connection to a central SIP session controller is lost.

Quintum’s switches snap right into place in any environment. The performance you want. The installation simplicity you need. The low cost of implementation to Clients.

Benefits of the Quintum Routers

• Guaranteed QoS.
• Intelligent call routing. Smart flexibility.
• Efficient bandwidth utilization.
• Full remote manageability.
• The broadest range of solutions and configurations.
• VoIP without costly overhauls or equipment.

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