About ICT (Pty) Ltd strives for more efficient and economical ways of providing innovative business solutions. As a result of popular demand for service excellence in the Telecommunications arena the Company have established a capability in Private Branch Exchanges (PBX). This renders About ICT the competency to provide efficient, scalable and fully featured PBX Solutions to Clients in the areas of connectivity, call centres and/or hardware.

Large organisations need to compete in global markets by reducing costs and improving efficiency. Changes in Business methodology have increased emphasis on mobility and flexibility. Businesses are seeking economies of scale, better Client service and faster response to market developments. These pressures can be addressed with new technologies such as VoIP, SIP, advanced contact centres and Unified Communications.

The About ICT’s communication servers and appliances bring together business applications and converged voice, video and data communications to provide easy-to-use and rich functionality. The goal is to connect employees with others and with the information they need. This allows them to make faster, better informed decisions from anywhere, at any time.

The enterprise communications solutions are simple, scalable and standards-based. Their flexibility allows Clients to migrate to IP communications at a pace that suits their business needs and provides seamless communications independent of location.

The open IP architectures make it easier to integrate IT with Communications, enabling the use of advanced applications for teamwork and other business processes. Unified Communications brings together enterprise applications and communications for higher staff productivity. Presence capability combined with our mobility features, makes staff more accessible so they can be more responsive to Clients and business requirements.

Features of the PBX solutions

•   A single point solution with a single server – creates a simplified administration environment.
•   IP enabled telephone system which makes it possible to streamline voice, data, fax and video
•   Allow integration with existing networks
•   Improves internal communication and reduces inter-office call costs
•   Familiar Microsoft® Outlook based user interface.
•   Presence Reporting allows managers to monitor activity of their team, helping to enhance employee performance.
•   Simplified call handling – users manage all their communications from their desktop.
•   Easily customised for individual Client requirements.
•   A wide range of 3rd party interfaces which allows Clients to boost service and productivity.
•   Treat the mobile and the desk phone as a single device, using one number.
•   Instant ‘drag and drop’ conference calls
•   Prioritise, screen and manage your calls
•   Increase reach-ability and productivity
•   Transform your customer service
•   Record and playback all telephone conversations
•   Integrated voicemail, fax-mail, auto-attendant, and music on hold
•   Dynamic cluster architecture with self-adjustable topology and auto-configuration

The PBX solutions offers a range of products and functionality that will enhance the Clients corporate telephony infrastructure while dramatically reducing overall capital and operating costs.

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